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Welcome to Euromarche Shopping Center!

First Shopping Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Life and growth of a dream concept:

Euromarche Shopping Center

Way back in 1980's, when the city of Riyadh was growing in to a modern city and people from different places concentrated on the capital, the need for consumer products increase tremendously and all levels of consumers looking for quality products were very much in the capital city of RIYADH.

With the onset of the above situation, even when the country was still debating whether it was ready to accept the modern hypermarket concept, April 1981 saw the birth of EUROMARCHE.

From the day of insertion itself, EUROMARCHE provides for its customers a totally different service and allowing them to enjoy the present position of Kingdom's No. 1 shopping complex where everything is available under one roof and redefining the concept of shopping to SHOPPING PLEASURE.

About Us:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Number 1 Shopping Complex located in the fashionable Olaya District of Riyadh the Capital City of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wholly owned and operated by Arabian Marketing Company, Limited with a Fully Paid Up Capital of 448,280,000.00 Saudi Riyals, Euromarche is indeed the only place to shop. A whole site spanning over 50,000 m2, Housing over 90 Individual Shops and Boutiques, with 5 Entrances and Parking for over 700 Cars. Euromarche is indeed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Number 1 Shopping Complex. Arabian Marketing Company Limited. - Euromarche.